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June 13, 2022

Types of Range Rover Engines in the Last 10 Years

These units are capable of pulling and quick acceleration

Range Rover is renowned for its ability to go anywhere and since the last decade laden with luxurious amenities too. Different engines are offered to buyers of the SUV and the latest addition to the list is a hybrid engine. These units are capable of pulling and quick acceleration. Over the years Range Rover engines have been improved and most important for buyers is the presence of a hybrid engine in the lineup. Emission and fuel economy have also been made better to meet modern standards.  Types of Range Rover engines in the last ten years include petrol, diesel, and hybrid units. A petrol engine gives the quick response of speed pedal and sprint time whereas you can get better fuel economy with the diesel engine. Hybrid technology is a real champion of both emission and fuel economy.

The PHEV engine is the right choice for many reasons and environmental protection is the basis of these. Advent of many rivals, particularly SUVs from German luxurious car makers has pushed Range Rover to advance technology and match upscale excellence. The off-road ability of the engine and tremendous towing capacity require strong muscle and all units in the Range Rover lineup have strong muscle. Range Rover has become light in weight. The use of aluminum to build the frame of the vehicle makes this happen. The new lightweight Range Rover is easy to pull so you can find it brisker than earlier heavy models. Agility for a big vehicle is not easy to achieve but Range Rover has tried to do so with the use of light material for chassis and improving handling. Changing direction in quick time is also possible with responsive and precise steering. To match the excellence of modern-day upscale SUVs refinement of these engines became much improved over the years. The cabin is hushed and comfortable for all passengers.

Engines offered in period 2012 to 2014

Auto gearbox has been paired with engines of present lineup. In 2012 this four wheels drive off-road vehicle has power units producing 375 hp to 510hp. Those engines were paired with six speed auto transmissions. Both V6 and V8 engines made the lineup to offer the buyers sport car like quick acceleration and smooth cruising on motorway. Fuel economy figures were 12mpg to 18mpg. HSE and HSE Lux models have 5.0-liter unit, tuned to 375hp and two top model have supercharged V8 engine to produce 510hp.

Four wheels drive has been standard since long so you get the best possible traction. Next year model of Range Rover came with better fuel average, though improvement was just 1mpg or 2mpg. These improved fuel economy figures achieved from same 5.0 liter V8 and V8 supercharged engines. Power output remained unchanged so no major upgrade introduced in 2013 Range Rover engines. If you like these engines, you can find reconditioned and rebuild units of 2012 and 2013. Auto gearbox of eight speed the transmissions is major change between engines of these two years as 2013 Range Rover engine got eight speed transmissions. Range Rove became more agile and easy to drive than 2012 model.

Range Rover in 2014 introduced new supercharged V6 engine for better fuel economy

Gear shifting also became smoother than earlier. Range Rover improved overall and became better to drive. Supercharged premium unleaded V6 engine returns 23mpg on highway so your fuel bill lowered. This is a petrol engine and quick acceleration pleases many drivers. Power of this 3.0 liter supercharged engine is 340 hp and you get 23mpg fuel average on highway. Supercharged V8 remained available with same output of 510 hp.  That was brilliant and buyers liked these two supercharged units to enjoy sheer power and agility on asphalt and other tracks.

2015-2019 engine line-up and improvements

Anti-roll bar system was also introduced for supercharged models of Range Rovers. That make the vehicle sportier and offer more control to driver. Comfort level remained good and you do not feel bad while traveling for hours. These two engines remained unchanged for the next year and buyers did not mind to enjoy the strong muscle of the two. They could choose from six different trims, which offered different set of features. Range Rover introduced stop-start technology to improve fuel economy of the vehicle.

Turbo diesel engine was made available in 2016

It produces 254hp and returns 28mpg fuel average. That was major attraction for buyers and they liked such option. This fuel economy and fuel tank capacity let you drive uninterruptedly, without need to refill the tank.

In 2017 buyers gets to choose from diesel and two petrol engines

In 2017 you get more trim options as Range Rover started to offer 8 trims. Buyers could select from diesel and two petrol engine options. Supercharged V8 became more powerful to give you 550hp in the SV-Autobiography model of Range Rover

The engine lineup did not receive any alteration in 2018. Range Rover persisted with turbocharged TD6 diesel and supercharged V6 and V8 engines in 2019 as well. Range Rover introduced a mild hybrid inline-six in place of a supercharged V6 engine.

2022 addition

A new engine is expected in the upcoming upgraded Range Rover. This will be a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. this engine is going to be a new hybrid engine with a 125 km electric traveling range. The rest of the engine either remains the same or you have to wait for it to come out.

This is how engines changed and upgraded in the past ten years. Some new ones were added while some old ones also received power change. In any case, the vehicle remains best among the off-road ability vehicles. All these engines are specially designed to provide power to conquer difficult heights and other Terrains. Some pros and cons are there with every engine but the main thing is that your adventurous rides are no more a dream. With all the latest technology added to Range Rover miracles happen while off-roading. The comfort level is amazing which sure does exert a positive effect on the occupiers.


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Types of Range Rover Engines in the Last 10 Years

Types of Range Rover Engines in the Last 10 Years
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