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August 31, 2021

Virtual Event Management and Organizer Companies

With the global pandemic that impacted several business operations and industries during 2020, the event industry was no exception. 

Various events were lined up in 2020 hence, canceling them could have been a huge loss. That is why event industry specialists started reorganizing their event line-ups with inventive solutions of virtual events and virtual event platforms that slowly became the most popular tool of the industry. 

Here, we have highlighted some excellent virtual event management and organizer companies that you can employ as your next virtual venue partner;


  • Dreamcast

With a 100% customizable interface and impressive 3D environment, Dreamcast makes promising endeavors to make every virtual event a successful affair. They believe in developing an impactful impression right from the commencement of the event. From animated light at the lobby, GIFs, 3D teleportation to platform navigation extremely simple for the attendees. It presents several networking opportunities that empower every attendee and sponsor to interact and make some important connections.

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Let’s review some unique and innovative features of this virtual event platform;

B2B meetings scheduler enables the participants and exhibitors to choose the most suitable time that both are convenient with and get connected even after the event is over.

Business card exchange feature helps facilitate networking at any virtual event. Through this, the attendees can exchange their business cards and make connections that will surely matter in the future. 

An AI matchmaking tool lets you connect with like-minded people at any virtual event. This tool helps you with a list of people who share the same interest, which makes it simpler to interact and communicate during a virtual event.

Virtual networking tables include both 1:1 or group discussions that can be carried through live chat, audio, and video features. 

It is the one-stop solution that stays with you right from creating an exciting landing page to obtaining detailed analytics to measure the ROI of an event.


  • Accelevents

Accelevents is an ideal event management platform that enables you to maximize your global reach, get qualified leads, promote engagement, and stimulate sustainable business growth. Each virtual or hybrid event has its own set of requirements, goals, and challenges that should be managed accurately. Accelevents has specifically designed its event software to help businesses expedite their growth purposes while overcoming the complexities linked with event technology. They help you improve your event marketing and virtual event experience with some excellent features. Right from amplifying global reach, keeping your attendees engaged, recreating their on-site event experience, qualified leads, keeping the sponsors happy to boost the revenue of the virtual event.

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  • Eventcube

Eventcube is another popular virtual event platform that has advanced its skills in order to host remarkable events. They help in organizing impactful events that embrace entertainment, learning, and numerous networking opportunities as significant elements. Eventcube can seamlessly conduct chat and video networking features for attendees and exhibitors to communicate and make strong bonds. For live events, the platform can seamlessly incorporate interactive tools to promote interaction on a real-time basis and keep attendees hooked and involved.

  • Airmeet

Airmeet is a notable virtual venue partner that intends to offer immersive event experiences for the attendees and the exhibitors. They can create a virtual atmosphere that enables the participants to seamlessly navigate on the platform, move across different sessions, make the most of networking lounges, branded sessions, or exhibition booths to make essential connections.

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We can tell that Airmeet is a lot more than just being an events platform. They have a group of passionate event experts, professionals, and organizers, who aim to make remarkable virtual experiences that can amaze everyone.



INXPO is one of the distinguished virtual event platforms that believes in recreating in-person event experiences. They have an amazing live-streaming service and presentation components like breakout and keynote sessions that can be visited by the attendees both during and after the event in the form of on-demand content.

Regarding virtual events, INXPO can incorporate multiple engagement features, games, networking opportunities, and virtual exhibitors booths that audiences can visit with a simple click, to get a brief description of the organization and some other relevant information like case studies.

  • GTR

GTR is known to smoothly embrace the latest methodologies and digital tools to host successful and memorable events. They have a bunch of interactive features and advanced techniques to host everything right from virtual conferences, webinars, virtual trade shows to virtual exhibitions.

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A significant portion of their features is meant to promote networking and engagement at a virtual event, like 1:1 and group discussion between the participants and exhibitors. It increases the chances of getting more qualified leads at your virtual event.

Just like other virtual venues, GTR’s platform feels and innovations are similar to a physical event. GTR has a team of skillful people who help in making exciting landing pages for the exhibitors that highlight a brief description and some other relevant stuff about the company.

  • Communiqué

Communiqué excels in creating a customizable 3-D environment that has simple navigation tools to leave an impactful impression on the attendees and exhibitors.

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The platform promotes engagement and proposes multiple networking possibilities through 1:1 and group chat features. To boost these occasions, the exhibitors can offer high-value content inside their booths to gain qualified leads or make meaningful connections.

  • EventMobi

EventMobi makes use of the latest technology and digital tools that are required to keep the attendees engaged at any virtual event. They can convert their platform into a completely customizable environment that has easy navigation tools and advanced networking opportunities to help recreate the experiences of a physical event.

Also, the platform helps in creating event websites, sending email invites, collecting registrations, and keeping a record of attendee’s every activity.


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    Final Word

An ideal virtual event management or organizer company can seamlessly incorporate features and innovations that suit your business needs. Therefore, it is important to ask for a demo from the virtual venue partner that you choose to take your events online. Dreamcast virtual events platform

Looking for an end-to-end event management solution? Get in touch with Dreamcast today!



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