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April 22, 2022

What Is ITWomen Africa Foundation?

itwomen africa foundation 1 - What Is ITWomen Africa Foundation?

ITWomen Africa foundation is an ICT oriented non-profit organization (NGO) with the sole aim of providing 100% free on-hands ICT training to women and girls across Ghana and the African Continent.

itwomen africa foundation 1 - What Is ITWomen Africa Foundation?
ITWomen Africa Foundation

Many research from renowned institutions and organizations in the world such as World Economic Forum, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), The International Monetary Fund (IMF), etc has stated clearly the fate of women in the job market by the year 2030 who do not have adequate IT Skills to enable them to meet the demands of the job market which will be controlled and dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

And knowing the percentage of the statistics for women and girls participation in Ghana and the world at large. The founder and his team of humanitarians decided to roll out this project as a Non-profit organization targeting our women and girls in other to level their knowledge and usage of IT skills to enhance their careers.

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  • To equip women with digital skills as the needs of the organization and the business world changes.
  •  To bridge the gap of gender parity against women in today’s technologically evolving world.
  • To fight against jobs currently held by women which are at risk of elimination as a result of digital technologies in the coming years.
  • To match gender equity, equality and dignity shared in the men-dominated field of tech.

Mission Statement

  • Increase free access to knowledge in digital/tech skills to women in both formal and informal sectors and those in rural areas.
  • To form ICT clubs for young girls in basics, senior high schools, colleges, and universities to fulfill the agenda of enhancing them with ICT training and further inspire them to infuse IT into their future careers.
  • To set up community ICT training centers and sessions in both rural and urban areas for easy accessibility to free training.
  • Organize workshops and seminars for the general public but most especially, to the women and girls to understand the need for undertaking some knowledge or skills ICT as a whole career or part of their career programs.
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Projects undertaken by the organization in other to meet our visions are

• ICT Club for school

A project where we form an ICT club to train young girls from JHS and above in various schools across our target location.

• ICT Community centre

A project using an existing community-built center or philanthropist funds to set up a training center to train women and girls who are not beneficiaries of the ICT School club projects but are in the community. (Basically to train the general populace in the community, town or city)

• Trainers training

A project training targeted at training trainers from various institutions and organizations who retrain others.

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A project targeted at organizing workshops, seminars, or boot camps to train volunteer groups, women’s associations, girls clubs in ICT.

Program of study/Curriculum

Since our organization’s training focus is targeted at practicality. Our teaching and learning curriculum is 100% fully on-hands practical training. Students and participants should be able to practice during and after every program of study.

Therefore we have our in-house designed curriculum that covers

• Intro to Computer & Internet Applications.

• Ms. Office Suite Applications

• G-Suite (Goggle) Applications

• Digital & Social Media Marketing

• Website Designing

• Graphic Design

• Database Management

• Software & Mobile App Development

• Hardware & Networking

• Programming (coding)

• Cyber Security

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• Cloud Computing

• Video & Photo Editing

• Many More

Participants are the liberty of studying one or more of the above programs to suit their career development.


At the moment the project is underway in Accra -Ghana, where the founder and Executive Director, Mr. Caesar AyiteyAshong, who also happens to be the C.E.O of Core Alpha Co (A Property Management & I.T Enterprise) hopes to gradually expand and establish permanent centers in the various MMDAs across the country for all women and girls to easily walk in and register freely for participation at all times.

ITWomen Africa is therefore inviting individuals and organization who wish to lean a hand to support this global development project that is spearheaded by this humanitarian and a handful of others who believes strongly in making women change agents in national and global development according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our professional development programs will enable women in technology to interact and empower one another in their careers, while our youth programs help girls in primary, middle and high school make important academic decisions that will lead to a path in technology.

We are confident that this partnership with like-minded stakeholders will prove to be a fantastic chance for both organizations in giving back to society’s development and the world at large.


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