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March 20, 2022

What is the Huawei super device?

On the MWC 2022 stage, Huawei introduced a new feature that will seamlessly connect its devices. Huawei will put its collaborative ecosystem to use so users can create intelligent desktop systems to operate a range of Huawei devices, including laptops, PCs, tablets, smartwatches, smartphones, and wearables.

The new features added to the system have made the overall system more fluid and user-friendly, though it is not a completely new innovation for the company. To learn more about Super Devices and how they work, read on.

Super devices: what are they?

Super smartphone device offer a wide range of connectivity features, with an emphasis on Smart Offices. Easy access to travel, fitness, and entertainment are all part of the Super Device, which creates an integrated system between all devices.

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Users will be able to connect all Huawei devices into a “one-time experience” in which they can use essentially any device for any activity, meaning they can play a phone app on their PC or work station. Users will be able to do this while connected to a tablet or to a laptop.

Is it going to be launched soon?

A Super Device is currently available, but users will need the latest version of PC Manager. The same Huawei ID can be used across all of the user’s devices for logging into Super Device.

Is it compatible with all devices?

Most Huawei devices will be compatible with Super Device, with PCs and laptops working best.

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Here is a list of PCs and laptops that support Super Device:

How does the Super Device work?

In addition to Huawei laptops and PCs, users who own a smartphone with Huawei Apps will be able to use them as hubs for collaboration on a professional level, with the ability to easily share resources between devices. Huawei smartphones and smart watches will be able to pair with headphones and other accessories in a flash. Connecting tablets and laptops is as easy as dragging and dropping, with the following options: Mirror, Extend, and Collaborate.


If you use Mirror, your computer screen can be mirrored to your tablet, so you can continue to use your tablet stylus. If you use Extend, your tablet becomes a second display. The Collaborate app allows users to drag and drop files between devices, so different files can be seamlessly transferred without the use of cables or third party services.

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As As you can see above, the Huawei MateBook 14s has been connected to a Huawei tablet. Users can use the tablet to work on the laptop while drawing using a pen on the tablet. Moreover, Samsung offers the Galaxy ecosystem, which includes a keyboard attachment that allows users to connect their Galaxy tablets to their Galaxy smartphones for greater productivity.

Galaxy and Apple do not have the same drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to connect and disconnect devices instantly. PC Huawei’s AppGallery will also be able to run PC apps, creating an entirely new experience in which mobile apps can be accessed on a computer or tablet. In the future, some apps will be able to run on Windows with Huawei Mobile App Engine, which can lead to a more connected environment.

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